Opacity, Translucence, and Migraine Haze

This morning I woke up at around 3:00-ish with a whopping migraine.  I have medication for this (actually, I take medication every day, but I have medication for when I get a headache anyway), and it usually works pretty well.  So I took my migraine medication (because now that Don’s not here I have to hear his voice in my head admonishing me to take my medication while I’m still pretending that I can somehow sleep off my headache – as if that’s ever worked), and by the time I woke up at a reasonable time in the morning, my headache was gone.  Which is good.  But there’s usually a bit of a post-migraine haze, and this nagging feeling in my head that the headache could come back at any moment if I’m not careful.  Still, it’s much nicer than having a migraine.

So I got up, showered and all that, and I headed to Wesley Theological Seminary to work in the art studio.  I love the art studio.  I love working in glass. Today I was starting a new project.

The first thing to do when starting a new project is to figure out what to make.  I’d picked up a pattern book at the glass store, so I thought I would look in there, and I found something I liked.  I cut out my pattern pieces (that’s fairly easy), and then I had to pick out my glass.  Well, that’s tricker.

Here’s the thing with glass.  As with, say, painting, color, hue, and brightness are all important when choosing glass, but there is also opacity.  My friend the arts administrator said that she hadn’t thought about that piece before, but it’s an added element that glass artists have to consider.  Then there are also things like texture and pattern, but this isn’t always a consideration.  

It is actually possible to create a piece of stained glass that’s completely opaque, but for me that misses much of the point of glass.  I’m not opposed to some opacity in a piece – there’s something to be said for hidden things and mystery and letting the light in only in places.  The trick for me is getting the balance right.

I love looking through a piece in different lights.  The piece looks different in every light.  Sometimes you can see clearly – the picture and what’s behind it.  Sometimes the glass completely obscures what lies beyond.

This is how I’ve been living recently.  Often obscured by glass.  Or migraines.  I don’t see clearly what is all around me, yet there is still much beauty in what I see.  Fortunately, I have guidance.  I have people around me who can see through the glass.  

Tomorrow I’m meeting with some folks who are going to help me with some of the stuff I need to be doing.  I’m getting help with the taxes.  I’m getting help with other paperwork.  

I’m starting not to mind where I am.  Well, I’m starting not to mind all the time, anyway.  This is where I am.  The view is what it is.  I think I’ll just keep looking to see how it changes with the light.

And that’s all I’ve got.Image


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