An Open Letter to John R. O’Malley

Mr. John R. O’Malleyphoto-11

Director of Marketing Services and Licensed Agent

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

Mutual of Omaha Plaza, Omaha, NE 68175

Dear Mr. O’Malley,

Thank you so much for your care and concern regarding my dead husband’s needs to protect his family.  Putting aside for a moment that he was in life far too intelligent to ever purchase whole life insurance, your clearly genuine concern, as evidenced by your robo-signature is, truly, touching.  In fact, the three letters that you’ve sent to him, since he’s died, in which you’ve been outlining how he could protect his family, have given me a warm feeling in my heart.  Or, that could be the heartburn.  Yeah, I think it’s probably the heartburn.

Now, I suppose, I couldn’t expect you to know that my husband had died.  Oh, except for the part where Mutual of Omaha is the company that paid out already on my husband’s final disability insurance.  The payment that came with the letter expressing condolences at his passing.  Oh, and the part where Mutual of Omaha is the life insurance company that is supposed to be paying out on his life insurance from work.  On the claim that I filed in June or July, I think.  The much larger life insurance policy that he maintained through the Armed Forces Benefits Association paid out within a week of my filing the claim.  I’m still waiting for the Mutual of Omaha check.  However, you’ve been very efficient in sending out solicitations.

After the first letter, I called and got some call center agent who read to me from his script.  He gave me excuses.  “You have to understand, the sales side and the claims side don’t talk to each other.”  Really?  I have to understand?  No.  I don’t have to understand.  You have to understand.  You have to understand that this is remarkably insensitive and cruel.  He told me he could take my husband’s name off the mail list.  Yes, do!  I gave him all the information from the letter, and thought that would be the end of it.  Until the next letter.

After the second letter, I called again.  This call center person was much more…human.  He told me that he could understand why I would be upset.  He told me that these mailings get set up 90 days ahead of time, and this sort of thing happens a lot, and it irritates a lot of people.  Really?  People get irritated?  Go figure.  He also took the information to take my husband’s name off the lists.  And yet.  And yet.

Letter three came today.  So I need to ask, are you people deficient?  Has anyone in your family ever died?  Would you like to keep getting solicitations for life insurance addressed to that person after that person’s death?

I called again.  This time, the call center script reader told me “You have to understand that…” no I don’t.  I don’t HAVE to understand what you are doing.  What you are doing defies logic.  I told this person that now I want you, Mr. John R. O’Malley, to call me back.  This person promised me, PROMISED me that this would not happen.  You are fine, apparently, with affixing your robo-signature to all these letters to, what?  Give them some air of respectability?  But when it comes to dealing with the people you’re hurting – and yes, YOU ARE HURTING ME, that’s not your problem, I guess.

So here’s my bottom line.  If Mutual of Omaha were the last insurance company on earth, I’d learn insurance law and open my own insurance company.  I wouldn’t even watch Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom on t.v. now, because I don’t even want to see your name.

I would wish this to happen to you, but find that I can’t wish this to happen, not even to heartless money-grubbers.  So now, I just wish you’d go away.  Entirely away.  I’ll cash your check (if I ever actually get it), and then I hope I never, ever, hear or see your company name again.

Going forward, if I discover that an employer’s life insurance is through your company, I will work hard to have it changed.

If you decide that this is perhaps not the best way to do business, you might want to start by at least having your databases talk to each other.  Just a suggestion.

If and when my anger subsides, perhaps I will pray for you.  For now, I know that God loves you.  Which is good, because I can’t imagine that anyone else does.


Mrs. Donald Campbell (widowed)

Update – Monday, 9 September, 2013

Upon my return from Colorado there were two phone messages waiting for me – one from someone in John R. O’Malley’s office, and one from someone who was following-up to see if the life insurance check had arrived.  The caller from O’Malley’s office just left the same tired message.  “Please give us 90 days to get all the stuff that’s in the system already through, blah, blah, blah.”  Yeah, I’ve heard that already.  However, Brandy, the woman who was checking to see that the check arrived, was different.  She said they dropped the ball.  She said this wasn’t a good way to do business.  She said things have to change.  She said that they have meetings to determine best practices, and she would bring this up, because it should stop.  Brandy should be running this company.  I appreciated her willingness to listen and not spout excuses, anyway.  I’m still not buying insurance from them, but it’s a start.


13 thoughts on “An Open Letter to John R. O’Malley

  1. Madelyn, I cannot post comments to your blog. I can’t seem to login through WordPress for some reason. I wanted to say that readers can tweet a link to your piece to @mutualofomaha. It doesn’t actually take that many for corps to take notice…

    Anyway, I’m sorry you have to deal with this stuff.

    I hope Accotink is treating you well.

    I’m reading every word.

    Hugs, Annie

    Typos courtesy of my troubled thumbs and/or autocorrect.


  2. Mutual of Omaha get into my nerves, I hate to see this stupid letters about life insurance, These crooks should insure their brain in millions of dollars to get everyone of us a piece of our income, Tired of these jerks.


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  4. this is rediculous! you are doing the same thing to this company and this OMalley that you do not want done to you. You really need to check your heart. Maybe remember the scripture that says 70 X 7 times to forgive? Losing someone is hard. Taking it out on someone who told you it could take 90 days is a little rediculous. instead of defaming and public desparagement maybe you could take a turn the other cheek aaproach and actually try to help the company. Just a thought. I bet this doent make your blog cause you monitor all the comments and only let the ones through that support how mad you are.


    • Well, Justin, you would be wrong. Here is your comment. I do monitor the comments, because I won’t allow abusive posts or spam. If you play by the rules, you may post. You don’t have to agree with me.
      So let’s unpack your suggestions, shall we? I do forgive people. I forgive people a lot. I don’t forgive people, and especially corporations (which, despite, the Citizens United ruling are NOT people) who are actively harassing people. And by the way, it was longer than the 90 days they promised.
      You suggest turn the other cheek. Well let’s look at what Jesus meant by that, shall we? In Matt.5:39, Jesus says, “If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn them the other cheek also.” And then he goes on to say, give also your coat if someone takes your coat, and walk an extra mile if someone presses you to walk one mile with him. Jesus isn’t talking about letting things go and being forgiving. Jesus is talking about non-violent resistance to a more powerful oppressor. If you’d like to read more on this I refer you to Walter Wink’s book Engaing the Powers.
      This is why I don’t have to help the company. Mutual of Omaha is a big, powerful, wealthy company with many resources. They have power, they know it, and they wield it. They feign concern, but they’re only interested in profits.
      Had I not been stonewalled by the call center, Had people been genuine instead of just reading from scripts, I would probably have let more of this go. But I will not just lie down and let them walk all over me.
      So I am taking the advice of Jesus. I am resisting non-violently. I am holding them up to the light of day to show them for what they really are. And they follow me on Twitter now, so I’m guessing they’ve heard. If this makes them change their practices, then I’ve done a good thing. And if I hear that no more widows and widowers are getting sales letters from the same company that’s supposed to be paying out on their life insurance, well, then I’ll update this here.


      • I am truely sorry for your loss and hope that you see some result from your action. I do know that there are people who care about people working at these big corporations and it is not good to just assume that the people who make up the company don’t care. If I worked there i would make sure you did not get anymore mail. Thanks for the explanation.


  5. Dear Mrs. Campbell,

    I am sorry for your loss. I totally empathize with you because my wife past a year ago and I also am still getting letters saying that she has been approved for Life insurance for from United of Omaha Life Insurance per John R O’Malley. This insensitivity is uncalled for. Large corporations who have access to death records. They need to use them. As widows and widowers, we don’t need these reminders. We certainly have enough to deal with our loss without corporations adding to it.

    I pray that you continue to heal.


    • I’m sorry for your loss, as well, and I’m sorry to know that Mutual of Omaha is still doing this. Perhaps what’s needed is for those of us who are left behind to start filling in the forms and applying for the insurance. I wonder how they’d respond then?


  6. The same John O’Malley just sent us a letter suggesting we get “Cancer Insurance”. I suggest he take the millions of these letters he sends out with his name, and put them where he’s going to have Cancer himself!!!


  7. I thank you for the input I was about to purchase this life insurance now I’m not I’ll stick with what I know it seemed too good to be true


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