The Twelve Blogs of Christmas: Ninth Day – Dancing Through Life

Well it was back to work today, along with many other people on the beltway. We have a choice as to how we approach this daily grind. It can be just that – a grind, or it can be a dance. Or, you know, any number of other metaphors, I’m sure. But it’s early in the new year and I feel like dancing.

I miss dancing. Don and I used to go dancing a fair bit. We’d taken ballroom dancing classes even before we were married. There were many years that we spent New Year’s Eve at the Officer’s Club or some other party dancing in the new year. I’d thought about it this year – about going to the Officer’s Club with Twenty-Year-Old, but then I thought about whom I might dance with, and in the end, decided not to go.

Of course, you don’t always need a partner to dance. As the song says, “I got a dance that ain’t got no steps. Gonna let the music pull me around.” In order to do that, though, we have to give ourselves over to the music a bit.

My relationship with music is such that I don’t really think I have a choice. Music is always moving me around. But in a metaphorical sense, there is definitely a choice in life. We can go with it – go with the flow, such as it is, or struggle against it. There are times when we do need to struggle against the tide, I suppose, but in general, dancing to the tune that’s playing is a lot easier. In the end, it tends to make us happier, too, I think.

For example, driving around the beltway is generally not a pleasant experience.  But there’s nothing about it that I have control over except for my own reactions. So I can choose to get all uptight, or I can choose to just go with it.

Dancing can be a way to avoid what we don’t want to deal with. Dancing around an issue, for example. That’s not the kind of dancing I’m talking about. I’m talking about engaged dancing. The kind where we notice what’s going on around us and then we work with it.

May you dance with joy this year.

That’s it. That’s my mite.



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