Hong Kong: Arrival

It is a spectacular view flying in over the Pacific and landing in Hong Kong. Last night (was it last night? I can’t tell, my internal clock is shot) my feet were in the wet sand on the other side of the Pacific as I walked along the beach at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, and tonight I write this from my hotel overlooking Discovery Bay on the other side of the great ocean in Hong Kong. I am in Asia, where most of the people in the world are, but where I’ve never been before.
My Favorite Cousin met me at the airport. I haven’t seen him in something like 15 or 20 years. I couldn’t squeeze him tight enough. I really couldn’t. I was thinking about seeing him as Twenty-one-Year-Old drove me to the airport along the Dulles Access Road on Wednesday. I learned all about that road when I went to visit Favorite Cousin (FC) by myself in 1973 when I was 11. And now I was off to visit him by myself once again.
So it was amusing to me that the first movie on the flight – this is a long flight – just over 13 hours, btw, was “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. This movie is full of bridges and transformations, friendships and rescues. Fitting.
So I got to Hong Kong, I made it through customs, picked up my luggage, and there was FC waiting for me right outside baggage claim. He looks better than he ought to be allowed. We took the train into central HK, and then we got a cab to my hotel, where Cousin.s Wife (CW) was already waiting for us. I took a quick shower while they had a glass of wine in the bar, and then they took me to their favorite Chinese restaurant. It was late, but still fairly busy with both ex-pats from many nations and, as far as I could tell, also many Chinese.
The table had my cousin’s name (or something resembling his name) on the table, and plates with sweetened cucumber, peanuts, and kimchee. We also had very small plates at each setting, a small bowl, a spoon, and chopsticks, and we were then given wet hand towels.
We ordered a nice selection of food – the beautiful bright green baby bok chop was not yet on the table when I took the photo, and we helped ourselves.
Apparently it is customary to tap the table with your fingers after being served tea – this is a sign of thanks and might possibly represent bowing to the emperor.
When we left, the district was hopping, as people were crowding into night spots

o watch the World Cup. I have managed to travel to where it is far less convenient to watch either the World Cup or the Tour de France, although Le Marseillaise was just playing as I write this watching the World Cup in my room. It appears to be Germany v France, those two historic allies. But I digress.
I’m so excited to be here. More soon, but for now, that’s my mite


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