Relaxing Day in Discovery Bay

Today was a day for family bonding. I’m having this great big adventure, but I really did travel to the other side of the world mainly to see my cousins, whom I’d been missing terribly. So today was the day we’d set aside for me to teach YC a family recipe – how to make my grandmother’s (her great-great-aunt’s) real Jewish chicken soup.
The day started with me packing up my hotel room. The hotel is going to be doing maintenance on my floor, so they’re moving my room, and they’re giving me an upgrade for the trouble. I’ll see what the new room is like when I get back there later tonight. I just packed my stuff and they’re going to. Ove it for me.
I took the ferry to Discovery Bay this am and decided to eat on the run. I got something called a red bean rocky bun. It’s a pastry bun filled with red bean paste – sweet, with a definite bean flavor. Interesting.
My hotel is now delivering the newspaper to my door, so I had The South China Morning Post to read on the ferry. Which I did a little, but really I’m far to interested in looking out the window.
There is a lot of garbage in the harbor water and the flotsam and jetsam sometimes get clogged up in the water jets. That happened twice this morning and we had to stop while the crew cleared it. The state of the world’s waterways is sad, but that’s another blog.

I got to my cousins’ and we decided that maybe we should do some additional grocery shopping before cooking, so CW and I went down to the local market – Fusion.
This is an international city and the supermarkets cater to international tastes. There are plenty of wet markets and dry markets that locals shop in where you can get all manner of seafood and produce, and to some extent you can get that stuff in the supermarkets, too. There’s a fish tank in the market with loads of live fish for your supper.
The fish counter guy told us that there was a huge grouper yesterday – as big as a small child, and it was expensive — $5000 HK – about $645 US. An American woman came in during the evening, and bought it, and then told them to set it free. So they had to put it on a big trolley and they took it down to the ferry pier and put it in the bay!
We also saw some durian fruit – whole and also already cut up. It really does stink. But I’ll still try it when I get to Cambodia.
After the market it was time for some bonding with my younger cousin. That was fun. I showed her some knife techniques and she picked right up on that. It’s important to share this family stuff with the family.
This chicken soup, it’s a two day process. The first day is the prep and cooking, the second day is a little messier. We waited for the soup to become soup, and once today’s part was done, CW and I went to a local pool in the community here. It was great to relax and we had the added benefit of a fantastic view of the bay and the city.
Afterwards we walked to another plaza and went to a pet store for some supplies. Then it was back on the bus to the flat.
After dinner when the sun went down we had – still have – a spectacular view of the super moon over the islands.
What a lovely day to just be with family. It’s not all about the sights.
That’s it. That’s my mite.


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