Monkey Business and Godly business

“Madame, Madame! Only a dollar!” Ah yes, the young hawkers outside all the temples. It’s all part of the story.
This morning I woke up earlier than I had intended, I had a good breakfast at the hotel, and then I met my tuk-tuk driver at the front gate. Yesterday I rode around in air-conditioned comfort. Tuk-Luke is really the way to see Siem Reap. It can be a bit scary, though.
Lanes seem to be moe of a suggestion here. Drivers of all sorts of things routinely pass by driving on the left. The streets are filled with cars, tuk-tuks, motor bikes, bicycles, and pedestrians, and no one seems to get hurst.
We started out at Angkor Wat. Wow. I got nearly assaulted at the Gate and decided to hire a guide. He spoke good English, and I discovered that with a people tended to leave me alone.
My guide.
Was quite knowledgeable about the temple. He was also quit bold in speaking out about politics and the problems in Cambodia. He said that Cambodia was supposed to be a democracy but was really Communist. He said corruption was a big problem. He spoke freely about the Khmer Rouge and he blamed the current problems on French colonialism. I think that’s fair.
I asked him how Westerners could help and he said by visiting and seeing what’s really going on. By asking questions. So I’m asking. This is a beautiful country. What do we owe to the Khmer people?
My driver took me to several other temples today. I can’t even remember all the names. One was another location for Tomb Raider. Each was astoundingly beautiful.
At one temple I did light incense with a nun who also tied threads around my wrist. A prayer is a prayer.
We saw some monkeys on the side of the road just eating and playing. My driver explained that they get fed once a week at one of the temples.
I did buy some things from the young vendors at one of the temples. My guide had explained that school was supposed to be free, but to really wasn’t. The children are out selling when they should be playing or in school. It doesn’t matter if I over-paid for some things. Children need to be children.
My driver remembered that I wanted to try durian fruit, so on the way back he stopped at a street vendor for me. I tried it. It’s very tasty. And it stinks like a sewer at the same time. Weird.
On the way back we passed people burning garbage. Sure, what else will they do with it? Construction workers working in bare feet or flip-flops.
I decided to get a massage when I returned. I was able to get this right in my room. This was called a body massage, and not because it was for my whole body. This bordered on painful, but wow did it make me feel better!
I was going to have dinner at the hotel, but it seems the chef quit two days ago. Ao the hotel called a tuk-tuk to take me into town. Not what I was expecting, but then, nothing here has been what I was expecting.
That’s all I’ve got. That’s my mite.


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