Traveling With The New Fellow

It occurs to me that I haven’t blogged about my personal journey in a while – which is really how The Widow’s Mite-y Blog started. So I’m going back to my blog roots today. And I suppose I need to catch you up.

There was the New Boyfriend (NBF) – and that was fun – and that petered out. As things do. And for the last couple of months I’ve been with a new fellow. We’ll call him The New Fellow (TNF). So TNF and I have been getting to know each other – and getting to know each other’s families. Which is a bigger challenge for him (seeing as how I have nine kids and nine grandchildren).

TNF came to my ordination and handled it like a champ. We went to see The Preakness together (that was A LOT of fun). And we did that thing that couples do this past weekend – we traveled together for the first time. Yes we did. We went to Montreal for a long weekend.

Traveling together can be a sticky thing. We don’t all have the same styles when we travel. Some folks like to plan out every minute. Some folks like to be laid back. Some folks want excitement, some want relaxation. And there are smaller things. Like Don and I didn’t have the same philosophy about how to adjust to new time zones. When we’d travel to Europe (which, admittedly. we only did twice together in our entire 21 years) – he’d want to sleep because it still felt like night. I wanted to take a short nap and then go out and enjoy the day. But overall, we still managed to travel well together.

So TNF and I headed off to Montreal. He packs A LOT more than I do for a weekend. Well, he certainly won’t make fun of me for taking too much stuff on vacation. But we did well on the plane together. Good start.

We stayed in a lovely hotel. Which we got to by taxi from the hotel. Don sometimes balked at taking taxis. Sometimes. I’m all for convenience when I’m lugging luggage. TNF seems to be in agreement where that’s concerned. So we’re compatible there. Good.

Well, then came time to do stuff. It turns out, we’re fairly similar in our approach. We’d gotten to Montreal in time for lunch, so we went to the hotel restaurant and perused a map over lunch. We discovered that we were just down the street from the Musee des Beaux-Arts. Perfect! After lunch we headed to the museum and had a fine time looking at exhibits there until the museum closed.

On Saturday, we headed to the old city and old port. I have a better sense of direction than TNF. Well, that was true of my relationship with Don, as well. I’m happy to navigate. TNF is happy to let me navigate, as it turns out. That works out well. So we’ve learned that about each other.

We’d been talking about trying poutine while in Montreal. Well, I’d been talking about it. I convinced him that we needed to do it. So on Saturday we did have poutine for lunch. Trying the local cuisine is, in my opinion, very important. I was so glad that TNF didn’t want to eat at McDonald’s while we were there. Not that we ever eat at McDonald’s while we’re here, but it’s good to know that he’s up for trying new stuff. So we’re both up for that. We also tried some maple cider. There’s a lot of maple stuff in Montreal.

TNF spends money more freely than I do. That’s probably good. I tend to feel guilty about spending money on vacation, so being with someone who’s tighter than I am would be bad for me, I think. That said, I bought very little on this trip. But this bodes well for the future. Oh – and he bought a lovely pair of earrings for me at the Musee des Beaux-Arts.

We went to church together. That was fun. And we haven’t been since, well, I’m a minister, and I’m generally busy doing church on Sunday mornings. So it was nice to sit in the pews together. And that went well, too.

So overall, apart from the trip itself being lovely (I will definitely go back – I don’t know why it took me so long to go to Montreal in the  first place!) – this was a successful trial in traveling together. We will do it again. Yay!

New relationship. New things. Still don’t know where it’s headed. But I’m definitely having fun. And now I know that we travel well together. Onward!

That’s all I’ve got. That’s my mite.


3 thoughts on “Traveling With The New Fellow

  1. I always enjoy reading whatever you have to say…. Request: I’d like to hear about nice little surprising/pleasing moments with TNF. (I think these are sometimes as important and as predictive as travel compatibilities.) Keep writing! 🙂

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    • Nancy,
      Thank you for your comment. One nice little surprising moment was when we were in the museum shop at the Musee des Beax-Arts. I had spotted a display pair of mobile earrings (clearly inspired by Calder, and displayed on a special mobile earring stand) – TNF said, “but who would actually wear those!?” And when I said that I would, he said that he’d like to buy them for me. It was charming and delightful. And now I have a pair of mobile earrings by a Montreal artist.
      And there was a surprising moment when I emerged from the shower to discover that he was listening to one of my sermons online. It’s wonderful that he wants to get to know all about what I do.
      Also – WAY before we went to Montreal, he brought me flowers when I had some very minor surgery. So there’s the all-around thoughtfulness. And we’re still having fun.


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