Endings and Beginnings – Arriving in Cardiff

We said a sad goodbye to the Kildonan Lodge Hotel this morning. One final breakfast (Twenty-Two-Year-Old got black pudding with her omelet – now that she’s tried it, she really likes it). After breakfast, we headed out in a taxi in the rain to the train station, and boarded our train to Cardiff. Or, rather, we thought we did.

As it turns out, we had to change trains in BIrmingham (I’d forgotten that bit). Fortunately, we figured that out several hours before reaching Birmingham. But we did manage to not get to our reserved seats in the proper car, because we were looking at a the second half of the ticket – but we had perfectly fine seats anyway. We settled in for a long journey.

When we got to Birmingham, we had time to get some nice hot Cornish pasties for a late lunch before getting the second train. Hot food is a good thing.

It’s been raining quite a lot, but in Edinburgh we’ve been safe from the floods. We’ve been on holiday, but I’m still aware of what’s going on in the world I know about the travesty of justice in the case of Tamir Rice at home. And I’m very much aware that as I spend my vacation in Great Britain – in the north, in fact, that many people have been displaced from the floods. As the train went through and near York this became very apparent. We saw significant evidence of flooding – in some places almost right to the tracks.

A we traveled from the east coast of Scotland through the Midlands, and down into Wales, we saw…well, we saw a lot of sheep. We traveled along the coast for a bit, and for a while we traveled along the canals, and even saw a canal bridge (this is where the canal bridges a road so that boats are able to continue on).

We also saw many wind turbines. The Brits don’t, at least on the face of things, seem to be as much in the pockets of big business, so they seem very happy  to invest in alternative energy.

The trains themselves were quite comfortable. On the first train there was a trolley – just like in Harry Potter. Well, not just like. It didn’t have chocolate frogs. But it did have a fair selection of savories and sweets and tea and coffee.  The bathrooms on the trains are large. Which is better. The wifi isn’t free – which isn’t better.

We’re now checked into our hotel in Cardiff. Not nearly as fancy as our hotel in Edinburgh, but right on the water and walkable to most things. We’re thinking about what we want to do this evening to celebrate the new year.

Well, it’s about time or dinner. That’s all I’ve got. That’ my mite.


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