Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey New Year’s Day in Cardiff

It remains cold and blustery here, but even the rain hsn’t dampened our spirits.  After donning appropriate attire (Dalek socks and a tie based on the fourth Doctor’s scarf for me, a Dalek t-shirt, lab coat and the fourth Doctor’s scarf for Twenty-Two-Year-Old), we headed to Cardiff Bay and Mermaid Quay.  We saw the Wales Millenium Centre and the water tower – which, apart from being quite beautiful, was a delightful bit of geeky fan fun. We attempted to get into Torchwood, but alas, it seems the perception filter was keeping us out.

Then we walked around the docks a bit and headed toward what would be the main entrance to Torhwood on the lower level. We were surprised and a bit tickled to discover a shrine to Ianto Jones on the wall. The shrine is full of fan art and tributes.

We popped into the Starbucks at the bay because it was cold and we wanted a hot drink before heading to The Doctor Who Experience.  We discovered, in talking to the barista, that cast and crew have frequented this particular Starbucks, including Peter Capaldi and David Tennant, so we geeked out over that for a bit. And we also learned that Eddie’s Diner, the Amerian Diner that’s appeared in a handful of Doctor Who episodes, was in fact, Eddie’s Diner right next door. So we determined to pop in there later.

After we finished our hot chocolate, we headed over to The Doctor Who Experience.  If I’m completely honest, this is probably the reason we chose to come to Cardiff. Yes, I’m that much of a fan. I admit it. Oh sure, there are other things to do and see an Cardiff, and I plan to do and see them. But I once planned a whole trip to Europe around seeing one statue, so…

Anyway, this was completely worth it. The Experience is part theme park and part museum exhibit and all fantastic. The staff are friendly and enthusiastic, which makes a difference. We were so able to get onto the TARDIS set tour. This isn’t always possible, and the tickets sell out quickly, but sometimes there are cancellations or double-bookings, and that’s how we were able to get on. Which is how we got onto the current TARDIS set. Which was SO GREAT!!!

We’d had some time in between the Experience and the soundstage tour, so we had some lunch at a small pie shop nearby. It was quite good – pies and mash, and I really need to eat fewer pies.

After the tour, we popped into Eddie’s Diner for a little snack and one tea, and to go all fan-girl over being in the same diner where the Doctor’s been a few times. There’s a TARDIS in the back.

We took a little rest in the hotel n then went back to Mermaid Quay for dinner.  Tomorrow, we might take a water taxi to the city center and visit Cardiff Castle. For now, 2016 has gotten off to a great start!

That’s all I’ve got. That’s my mite.


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